Rant About a Facebook Post

I don’t often do this but I felt like going on a slight Facebook rant.
Today I was banned from a Tallahassee Online Yardsale page.. Not because I was being rude but because I was telling the honest truth.
A lady posted on the page saying she was in need of food for her and her daughter..
To which some people replied offering to buy all of her groceries, drive her to the food shelter etc.

I however clicked on her Facebook to do some investigation of my own, finding out that she obviously had internet access (whether that be through a smartphone or computer) which means that she had the money to spend on a device as well as pay for internet access.. Let’s say she had a computer, that would mean at one point she spent (on the cheap side) say $200, plus $50 a month for internet. Or on the other hand, maybe she had a smartphone, which on some carries could be free with a contract, so then she’d pay say $40 a month on the low side for data and phone service.

I offered to help drive her to a bus stop and pay for a bus ticket for her to go to the food pantry and back, or to help her write a resume and apply for some jobs.

She then stated that she was disabled and unable to work. This would give her (on average) about $1,000 a month to cover her expenses especially considering that she is a single mom (according to her Facebook)

Plus, the fact that she is able to be on Facebook all day proves that she should be capable of doing a simple desk job as say a telemarketor (something that requires little to no skill), or even work from home on her computer!

Also, since she had a school age daughter I pointed out to her that she could qualify for free or reduced meals at her public school! And that if she simply got rid of things that I would consider to be a luxury that she would be able to afford food. Something as simple as getting rid of internet access and just going down to the public library for free!!

The thing that bothers me about all of this is the fact that she is obviously capable of being on Facebook all day long replying to posters.. And yet she can’t afford food to feed her own daughter? Something about this doesn’t add up..
If you know you have a strict monthly budget and children to feed, wouldn’t you think you should choose to live more moderately instead of begging people on Facebook for assistance?

Obviously everyone has their own unique situation where maybe certain accidents happened which prevented them from being able to do a very physically demanding job or maybe an unexpected expense came in this month where she was unable to afford food for the week. But to me it just sounds like someone taking advantage of the system our government put into place to help truly disabled people, and also exploiting people’s kind-hearted natures to help her.

It’s one thing if you’re truly unable to do any kind of work and are living off of each paycheck spending it wisely making sure to only buy things that you need. But it’s another when you’re on Facebook all day long begging for help when you could probably help yourself.

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